Chillicothe Riverbats Baseball

Proudly Representing Ross County American Legion Post 62 - 53 W. Main St. Chillicothe, OH 45601

Home Field - Ross County Park - 3759 Egypt Pike - Chillicothe, OH 45601


For team information or if you would like to be recruited

Text (740) 656-3571 or email

Prospects: Please provide your Name, Date of Birth, Grade, School, HS Jersey # and Primary/Secondary Positions


2019 Player Loyalty Fee Structure (Consecutive Years)

First Year - $300

Second Year - $250

Third Year - $200

Fourth Year - $100

Fifth Year - No Fee


 2019 Riverbats

Head Coach: Ron Free

Assistant Coach: Jeff Riley


Phil Brooks

Park Manager

Rick Popp


Brad McCorkle

Press Box Announcer

Carroll Brooks


2019 Player Eligibility

Eligible prospects for the Senior Legion team (19u) would be born on or after 1/1/2000*

*Special American Legion Baseball rules apply for 19 year old players


Riverbats Alumni Coaching in 2019

Owen Diehl - Southeastern Assistant Coach

Josh George - Zane Trace JV Head Coach


2019-2020 College Baseball Letter Of Intent

Macky McDonald - Shawnee State Bears

John Salyers II - Cincinnati Christian Eagles

2019 Riverbats
 Practice / Prospect Camp  Tuesday May 21  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 Practice / Prospect Camp  Thursday May 23  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 Community Service / Veteran's Flags  Saturday May 25  8:30am  Grandview Cemetary  
 Practice / Prospect Camp  Wednesday May 29  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 P0303 McArthur  Thursday May 30  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Cancelled
 Practice  Monday June 3  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 *P142 Waverly  Tuesday June 4  6:00pm  Waverly HS  
 Practice  Wednesday June 5  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 TAWA Run Classic Tournament  June 7-9  TBD  Ottawa, OH  
    PPA1 - P3 Findlay  Friday June 7  5:30pm  Memorial Field  
    PPA2 - P65 Coshocton  Saturday June 8  9:00am  Memorial Field  
    PPA3 - P63 Ottawa  Saturday June 8  11:30am  Memorial Field  
    QF - TBD  Saturday or Sunday  TBD  Memorial or Bluffton  
    SF - TBD  Sunday June 9  TBD  Memorial Field  
    Final - TBD  Sunday June 9  5:30pm  Memorial Field  
 Practice  Monday June 10  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 *P757 Colts  Tuesday June 11  6:00pm  Ross County Park  BM
 *P23 Portsmouth  Thursday June 13  6:00pm  Ross County Park  BM
 Practice  Monday June 17  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 P81 Jackson  Tuesday June 18  6:00pm  Jackson HS  
 *P757 Colts  Wednesday June 19  6:00pm  JW Hoffman Field  
 Jim Jadwin Memorial Tournament  June 21-23  TBD  Chillicothe  
 Practice  Monday June 24  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 Tuesday June 25  6:00pm  
 *P129 Hillsboro  Thursday June 27  6:00pm  Ross County Park  BM
 Practice  Monday July 1  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 *P23 Portsmouth  Tuesday July 2  6:00pm  Branch Rickey Park
 P21 Athens  Wedneday July 3  6:00pm  Ross County Park
 Practice  Monday July 8  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 *P142 Waverly  Tuesday July 9  6:00pm  Ross County Park  BM
 *P129 Hillsboro  Thursday July 11  6:00pm  Richard Shaffer Park  
 Practice  Monday July 15  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 P142 Waverly  Tuesday July 16  6:00pm  Waverly HS  
 P21 Athens  Thursday July 18  6:00pm  Athens HS  
 OALBB Region 5 Tournament  July 21-24    VA Memorial Stadium  
 OALBB Region 5 All Star Game  Saturday July 27  TBA  TBA  
 OALBB State Tournament  July 31-August 4    Lancaster  

*League Game


 Riverbats Alumni Coaching in 2018

Gunnar Free (2017) - Post 62

Gage Jones (2017) - Post 62

Owen Diehl (2016) - Southeastern JV

Josh George (2017) - Zane Trace JV


2018-19 College Baseball Players

Gage Jones - OUC Hilltoppers

Tanner Popp - OCU Trailblazers

Jeremy Brooks - MVNU Cougars

Josh Morgan - OUC Hilltoppers

Russell Throckmorton - OUC Hilltoppers

Harley Patterson - Malone Pioneers

Gunnar Free - OUC Hilltoppers

Ryan Burns - OUC Hilltoppers


2018 Riverbats
 Community Service - Veteran's flags  Sr/Jr  Saturday May 26  8:30am  Grandview Cemetary  18
 *P129 Hillsboro  Senior  Wednesday May 30  6:00pm  Ross County Park  W 4-6
 P757 Colts  Junior  Wednesday May 30  6:00pm  JW Hoffman Field   L 1-5
 Kickoff Klassic Junior Tournament  Junior  June 1-3    Chillicothe  
   PP1-Dayton Classics    Friday June 1  11:00am  Ross County Park  L 3-1
   PP2-P82 Utica    Friday June 1  4:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
   PP3-P81 Jackson    Saturday June 2  9:00am  Ross County Park  L 5-7
   Ohio Custom X    Saturday June 2  3:00pm  JW Hoffman Field  L 3-5
 *P142 Waverly  Senior  Tuesday June 5   5:30pm  Waverly HS  L 1-3
 P142 Waverly  Junior  Tuesday June 5   6:00pm  Ross County Park  L 6-5(5)
 *P23 Portsmouth  Senior  Wednesday June 6  6:00pm  Ross County Park  W 1-4
 P23 Portsmouth  Junior  Wednesday June 6  6:00pm  Branch Rickey Park  W 12-6
 TAWA Run Classic Tournament  Senior  June 8-10    Ottawa, OH / Bluffton, OH  
   PP1-P63 Ottawa    Friday June 8  3:00pm  Ottawa Memorial Field  W 6-10
   PP2-P178 Van Wert    Saturday June 9  11:30am  Ottawa Memorial Field  L 7-2
   PP3-P7 Wayne County    Saturday June 9  4:30pm  Bluffton University  Rainout 
   Semi-Final (Top 7 Teams)    Sunday June 10  10:00am  TBD  Rainout 
   Semi-Final or Consolation Final    Sunday June 10  12:30pm  TBD  Rainout 
   Championship Game    Sunday June 10  3:00pm  Ottawa Memorial Field  Rainout 
 *P134 Circleville  Senior  Tuesday June 12  6:00pm   Teays Valley HS  Rainout
 P134 Circleville  Junior  Tuesday June 12  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout 
 *P757 Chillicothe  Senior  Wednesday June 13  6:00pm  VA Memorial Stadium  L 1-6
 P757 Chillicothe  Junior  Wednesday June 13  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
 Hillsboro Wood Bat Tournament  Senior  June 15-17    Richard Shaffer Park  
   PP1-P11 Lancaster    Friday June 15  2:30pm  Field 1  L 7-9
   PP2-Troy Bombers    Saturday June 16  12:30pm  Field 1  W 15-0
   PP3-P129 Hillsboro    Saturday June 16  5:30pm  Field 2  L 3-6
   PP4-P3 Findlay    Sunday June 17  1:30pm  Field 2  L 1-11(5)
 *P757 Chillicothe  Senior  Tuesday June 19  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
 P0303 McArthur  Junior  Tuesday June 19  6:00pm  Vinton County HS  Rainout
 *P129 Hillsboro  Senior  Wednesday June 20  6:00pm  Richard Shaffer Park  L 7-11
 P129 Hillsboro (5)    Wednesday June 20  DH  Richard Shaffer Park  Rainout
 Jim Jadwin Memorial Tournament  Senior  June 21-24  TBD  Chillicothe  
   PP1-P129 Hillsboro    Friday June 22  9:30am  VA Memorial Stadium  W 11-10
   PP2-Zanesville    Friday June 22  2:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
   PP3-Blissfield     (Originally 9:30am)    Saturday June 23  11:45am  Ross County Park  W 0-2
   PP4-Cambridge  (Originally 2:00pm)    Saturday June 23  4:15pm  Ross County Park  W 9-6
   P76 Ashland, KY (P62=3, P76=6)    Sunday June 24  8:30am  JW Hoffman Field  L 4-2
 P285 Hebron  Senior  Tuesday June 26  6:15pm  Lakewood HS  Cancelled
 P285 Hebron  Junior  Tuesday June 26  6:15pm  Ross County Park  Cancelled
 *P23 Portsmouth  Senior  Wednesday June 27  6:00pm  Branch Rickey Park  Rainout
 P23 Portsmouth  Junior  Wednesday June 27  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
 P81 Jackson  Senior  Thursday June 28  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Cancelled
 P81 Jackson  Junior  Thursday June 28  6:00pm  Jackson H.S.  Cancelled
 P757 Chillicothe (rain makeup)  Senior  Thursday June 28  6:00pm  Ross County Park  L 7-1
 P757 Chillicothe (rain makeup)  Junior  Thursday June 28  6:00pm  JW Hoffman Field  
 P0303 McArthur (rain makeup)  Junior  Friday June 29  6:00pm  Vinton County HS  L 8-9
 P23 Portsmouth (rain makeup)  Senior  Monday July 2  6:00pm  Branch Rickey Park  Rainout 
 P23 Portsmouth (rain makeup)  Junior  Monday July 2  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Rainout 
 P134 Circleville (rain makeup)  Senior  Tuesday July 3  6:00pm  Circleville HS  L 4-14 (5)
 P0303 McArthur  Junior  Tuesday July 3  6:00pm  Ross County Park  Postponed
 P142 Waverly  Junior  Tuesday July 3  6:00pm  Ross County Park  L
 *P142 Waverly  Senior  Wednesday July 4  5:30pm  Ross County Park  W 1-8
 P285 Hebron  Senior  Thursday July 5  6:15pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
 P285 Hebron  Junior  Thursday July 5  6:15pm  Lakewood HS  Cancelled
 P81 Jackson  Senior  Friday July 6  6:00pm  Jackson HS  L 2-4
 P23 Portsmouth (rain makeup)  Junior  Friday July 6  6:00pm  Ross County Park  L 7-3
 *P134 Circleville  Senior  Tuesday July 10  6:00pm  Ross County Park  W 4-16 (5)
 P134 Circleville  Junior  Tuesday July 10  6:00pm  Teays Valley HS  Cancelled
 OALBB State Junior Tournament  Junior  July 11-14    Lancaster  
   P84 Cambridge  Junior  Wednesday July 11  5:00pm  Beavers Field  L 2-3
 *P23 Portsmouth (rain makeup)  Senior  Friday July 13  6:00pm  Branch Rickey Park  L 2-6
 PRACTICE  Senior  Monday July 16  6:00pm  Ross County Park  
 OALBB Region 5 Tournament (4 Seed)  Senior  July 17-20    VA Memorial Stadium  
   P129 Hillsboro (5 Seed)  Senior  Tuesday July 17  2:30pm  VA Memorial Stadium  W 5-15 (5)
   P142 Waverly (1 Seed)  Senior  Tuesday July 17  5:15pm  VA Memorial Stadium  L 6-7
   P23 Portsmouth (6 Seed)  Senior  Wednesday July 18  11:45am  VA Memorial Stadium  L 13-9

* Game used for Region 5 Tournament Seeding  

2018 American Legion Pitching Rules (Senior & Junior)
Daily Maximum 0 Days Rest 1 Day Rest 2 Days Rest 3 Days Rest 4 Days Rest
105 0-30 31-45 46-60 61-80 81+


Grandview Cemetary 2018


2018 OUC Hilltoppers

 Tanner Popp on the hill for OCU 

2018 MVNU Cougars Baseball

 2017-18 College Baseball Players

Gage Jones - OUC Hilltoppers

Tanner Popp - OCU Trailblazers

Jeremy Brooks - MVNU Cougars

Russell Throckmorton - OUC Hilltoppers

Josh Morgan - OUC Hilltoppers


2017 Riverbats (15-10, 5-4, 2-2)
 *P134 Circleville  Wednesday May 31  5:30pm  Teays Valley HS  L 0-1
 *P757 Chillicothe  Tuesday June 6  6:00pm  Ross County Park  L 9-7
 *P142 Waverly  Wednesday June 7  5:30pm  Waverly HS  L 2-4
 TAWA Run Classic Tournament (3-2) 3rd Place  June 9-11    Ottawa, OH  
    P68 Wooster  Friday June 9  3:30pm  Bluffton University  W 10-6
    P184 Piqua  Friday June 9  6:00pm  Bluffton University  L 10-2
    P63 Ottawa  Saturday June 10  5:30pm  Bluffton University  L 18-8
    P68 Wooster (Consolation Semi-Final)  Sunday June 11  10:00am  Bluffton University  W 0-12
    P63 Ottawa (Consolation Final for 3rd Place)  Sunday June 11  12:30pm  Bluffton University  W 11-4
 *P129 Hillsboro  Tuesday June 13  6pm  Ross County Park  W 3-5
 *P23 Portsmouth  Wednesday June 14  6pm  Branch Rickey Park  W 13-6
  P285 Hebron (9 innings)  Saturday June 17  12:30pm  Ross County Park  W 4-7
 *P134 Circleville  Tuesday June 20  6pm  Ross County Park  L 8-3(8)
 Jim Jadwin Memorial Tournament (2-2)  June 22-25    Chillicothe  
   P142 Waverly (5 innings)  Friday June 23  12pm  VA Memorial Stadium  W 4-0
   P164 Grove City  Friday June 23  6pm  Ross County Park  Rainout
   P164 Grove City (5 innings)  Saturday June 24  12pm  Ross County Park  W 1-2(6)
   P275 Adrian (5 innings)  Saturday June 24  4pm  Ross County Park  L 8-1
   P217 Sidney (1 seed) vs P62 (8 seed)  Sunday June 25  9am  VA Memorial Stadium  L 7-5
 *P142 Waverly  Wednesday June 28  5:30pm  Ross County Park  W 2-4
  P81 Jackson  Thursday June 29  6pm  Jackson HS  W 8-3
 *P23 Portsmouth  Monday July 3  6pm  Ross County Park  W 3-7
 *P757 Chillicothe  Wednesday July 5  6pm  JW Hoffman Field  W 13-4
 *P129 Hillsboro DH1  Friday July 7   5pm  Richard Shaffer Park  Rainout
  P129 Hillsboro DH2  Friday July 7  7pm  Richard Shaffer Park  Rainout 
  P81 Jackson  Monday July 10  6pm  Ross County Park  W 0-7
 *P129 Hillsboro  Tuesday July 11  7:30pm  Richard Shaffer Park  Conflict
  PRACTICE / SCRIMMAGE  Wednesday July 12  6pm  Ross County Park  
 *P129 Hillsboro  Thursday July 13  6pm  Richard Shaffer Park  Rainout
  PRACTICE / SCRIMMAGE / CAMPFIRE  Friday July 14  6pm  Ross County Park  
  OALBB Region 5 Tournament (Circleville)  July 17-20    Chillicothe  3 Seed
   P23 Portsmouth (6 Seed)  Monday July 17  1pm  VA Memorial Stadium  W 2-8
   P142 Waverly  Monday July 17  7pm  VA Memorial Stadium  L 2-12(7)
   P129 Hillsboro  Tuesday July 18  1pm  VA Memorial Stadium  W 5-6(10)
   P757 Colts  Tuesday July 18  4pm  VA Memorial Stadium  L 18-9(10)
  OALBB State Tournament ()  July 27-31    Lancaster  

* Game used for Region 5 tournament seeding 


2017 American Legion Pitching Rules
Daily Maximum 0 Days Rest 1 Day Rest 2 Days Rest 3 Days Rest 4 Days Rest
120 1-30 31-45 46-60 61-75 76-120



2016-17 College Baseball Players

Gage Jones - OCU Trailblazers

Tanner Doles - Rio Grande Redstorm


2016 Riverbats (12-12, 4-6, 1-2)
 P81 Jackson  June 1  6pm  Ross County Park  4-5 W
 *P142 Waverly  June 2  6pm  Waverly HS  8-12 L
 *P129 Hillsboro  June 7  6pm  Ross County Park  0-1 W
 P285 Hebron  June 9  6pm  Ross County Park  3-4 W
 *P757 Chillicothe Colts  June 10  6pm  JW Hoffman Field  1-6 L
 *P134 Circleville  June 14  6pm  Teays Valley HS RCP  10-0 L
 *P142 Waverly  June 15  6pm  Ross County Park  2-3 W
 Jim Jadwin Memorial Tournament  June 16-19    Chillicothe  
  P757 Chillicothe Colts  June 16  7:30pm  VA Memorial Stadium  2-6 L
  P23 Portsmouth  June 17  4pm  Ross County Park  16-2 W
  P76 Ashland, KY (2)  June 18  11:30am  Ross County Park  10-13 W
  P65 Richmond, IN  June 18  4:30pm  Ross County Park  9-7 W
  P84 Cambridge (semi-final)  4th place  June 19  9am  VA Memorial Stadium  5-6 L
 P11 Lancaster  June 21  6pm  Ross County Park  2-8 W
 P81 Jackson  June 22  6pm  Jackson HS  Rainout
 P142 Waverly  June 23  6pm  Waverly HS  Rainout
 P21 Athens DH1  June 25  1pm  Ross County Park  6-2 L
 P21 Athens DH2  June 25  3pm  Ross County Park  6-7 W(13)
 *P134 Circleville  June 28  6pm  Ross County Park TVHS  8-9 L
 *P757 Colts  June 29  6pm  Ross County Park  1-6 W
 *P23 Portsmouth  June 30  6pm  Branch Rickey Park  7-9 L
 P129 Hillsboro DH1  July 6  5pm  Richard Shaffer Park  7/12/16
 P129 Hillsboro DH2  July 6  7pm  Richard Shaffer Park  Cancelled
 Best of the Midwest Tournament  July 7-10    Terre Haute, IN  
 *P129 Hillsboro  July 12  6pm  Richard Shaeffer Park  5-4 L(8)
 P134 Circleville  July 13  6pm  Teays Valley HS  2-5 L
 *P23 Portsmouth  July 14  6pm  Ross County Park  0-11 W
 P757 Colts (9 innings)  July 16  1pm  Ross County Park  Cancelled
 American Legion Senior Region 5 Tournament  July 17-21    VA Memorial Stadium  3 Seed
  P23 Portsmouth  July 17    VA  W 1-7
  P142 Waverly        L 3-4
  P129 Hillsboro        L
   Region 5 Champions - P134 Circleville        
 American Legion Player Showcase  July 26    Beavers Field - Lancaster  
 American Legion Senior State Tournament  July 27-31    Beavers Field - Lancaster  

 * Game used for Region 5 tournament seeding


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